Fradely's Space
From thinking, to planning, to designing, to developing.

I am a product designer and front-end developer, and I am capable of building efficient products for users.

I am currently redesigning my website to provide you the greatest experience!

In the meantime please don't hesitate to reach out!

Product Designer
Front End Developer

Email Newsletter

Design System
  • Email Newsletter design
  • Email Content
  • Development

Figma - Design System

Design System
  • color palette
  • Design system
  • Typography

Product Shot LF - Figma

Weather API Consumption

When a client asks you for a proposal of how their product will look it is recommended to provide them with a low fidelity design to make sure that your vision matches their interest and the efficiency of the product for their users.

Adobe XD - UI/UX Proposal

  • Ui/UX Proposal
  • brand redisign
  • product design

Weather APIĀ - Consumption

Weather API Consumption
  • Wheater API
  • Live Crypto Coin Chart
  • Get Current Location
  • Display Random Background Image
  • Display Current Time

Figma - AirBnb Experience

  • Ui/UX Proposal
  • React App
  • Website remake

Dice Game

Weather API Consumption
  • Functions
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Style ManiPulation thru Javascript


  • Illustration
  • character remake
  • adobe illustrator

BEST MUSIC LIVE - Currently Building it!

Weather API Consumption

I'm currently building this site to add it to my portfolio, this site was a sketch design and I am taking it from the the design to code. At the moment I am working on connecting the site to a music API

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